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Find a pharmacy or chemist near my location

If you need products or medicines to restore your health, you can visit a nearby chemist or pharmacy. Many people think that a drugstore and a pharmacy are the same, but there is a difference. We would like to list these differences for you.

What is the difference between a chemist and a pharmacy?

The local chemist is a shop that sells medicines and products for physical care. The medicines sold there are available without a doctor’s prescription and therefore pose less risk to your health when used incorrectly.

A pharmacy also sells medicines but only here can you obtain medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor. Unlike chemist’s, pharmacies are allowed to manufacture medicines. In recent years, local pharmacies have also been selling more and more medicines that can be obtained without a prescription, just like drugstores.

By the way, did you know that both a chemist and a pharmacist must be qualified to know the side effects and contra-indications of all medicines sold? This way he or she can correctly inform you about the use of the medicines you need.

On the way to the local pharmacy

If you are healthy and fit, you will visit a nearby pharmacy much less often than a supermarket. It is therefore likely that you will not know where to find a pharmacy when you need one. Fortunately, you can use a route planner. That way you can add a visit to the nearest pharmacy to your travel plans.

This allows you to make the best use of your time if you are on the road all day visiting customers or if you are travelling home from a city by public transport. The route planner shows you waiting times and transfer points when you are travelling by public transport, and parking spaces and information about the current traffic situation when you are travelling by car. Such a planner can also be used effortlessly if you are travelling by bicycle or on foot.

To the local chemist

You can also find the way to the nearest chemist in your neighbourhood with the help of a route planner. Of course, you can also consult the Internet and check out the websites of the various chemist. In addition to contact and address details, you will also find the current offers, so that you know exactly what is available the moment you step inside.

Many large chains nowadays allow you to shop online and choose to pick up the products you ordered at a branch along your route. This way, you don’t have to spend any more time than necessary in the local chemist because your order is already waiting for you. That is very convenient if you already know that you do not have much time.