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Find an off licence that is open near my location

At a local liquor store, you can buy all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The only kind of drinks that a modern off-licence does not sell is dairy. The so-called off-license near your location mainly sells alcohol with a percentage of more than 15%. The remaining alcoholic beverages called low alcohol are available in supermarkets and other retail outlets.

Does a liquor store have a special licence to sell the type of alcohol it sells? According to the law every pub, restaurant or off-license that sells alcohol must have a licence. The local municipality where the off-licence in your neighbourhood is located is responsible for monitoring this law. According to the law in the UK the minimum age for buying and consuming alcohol is 18 years.

Which local liquor store that is open do you choose?

Of course, there are several liquor stores in your area. So how do you find the off-licence that offers the most extensive selection and the best service? Fortunately, you do not have to stand at the door of the local off-licence to ask other customers for advice.

Nowadays, consumers can inform each other about their experiences by leaving reviews on the liquor store’s website or on so-called review sites where comments about different shops in various branches are listed. In this way, you can easily compare several liquor stores in the area in terms of price, range and service. There will most of the time also be more informaton on if it is a 24-hour off-licence or not.

On the way to the off-license near your location

Chances are that you are busy with your work or family life during the day or evening. Therefore, you probably don’t have time to search for a long time for a nearby liquor store when you want to buy alcoholic drinks for a party or special occasion. Make it easy on yourself by using a route planner. Regardless of where you are and where you need to go, you can add a visit to the nearest off-licence to the plans you already have. In addition, parking spaces close to the off-license of your choice are shown, as well as other shops and facilities. And like we said before: it will also show the opening times and if it’s a 24-hour off-license or not, so you can plan your visit within the opening times.

Are you not travelling by car? That is no longer a problem for a route planner. They are great to use if you are walking, cycling or travelling by public transport. While waiting for your bus or tram, you can quickly walk to the nearest liquor store near your stop without missing your connection.

Have you bought more than you can carry?

Ask the staff at the liquor store in your area if your order can be delivered. Often, for a small additional fee, you can have the products you bought delivered when it is most convenient for you. So you don’t have to rush home and can do the rest of your shopping first. If you don’t want to leave the house at all, you can often order online nowadays. Easy!