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Find a shop near my location

Do you actually know what kind of shops there are in your neighbourhood? Chances are you often shop at the same supermarket and you know a few shops in your local shopping street. And if you live in a small town, chances are you even know the owners of the local shops.

This is different in a big city. Every district and area of the city has its own shopping centre, and in the heart of the city there are often hundreds of shops. Even if you are regularly on the move, whether for holiday or work, you will not be able to find all the shops near your location.

What types of shops are there in your area?

The place where you live or reside therefore has a great influence on the types of shops that can be found in your area. In the centre of big cities such as London and Manchester, there are mainly shops of well-known brands selling clothes, shoes, fashion accessories and related articles. In addition, there are many catering establishments in these places.

The chance that you will come across a DIY store, for example, in such a city centre is very small. The neighbourhoods around the centre often have shops selling groceries and other daily necessities. Do you live in a small village outside the larger cities? Then you may well have to travel to the nearest town for all these shops.

With a route planner to the shop closest to you

As the name suggests, a route planner allows you to get directions from one place to another. But a modern route planner can do much more. It shows the nearest shops in the neighbourhood, locations where you can park or withdraw money and other facilities such as official bodies and gyms.

With a good route planner, you can map out a route with several stops so that you can combine a visit to the shops nearby with other things you have to do.

Cycling or walking to the local shop

Are you someone who prefers to walk or cycle as much as possible? Even then, you can use a route planner to get to the shops nearby. By choosing these functions, the planner will show you the safest way via bicycle and footpaths that you can use during your route. And the ease of use of this tool does not stop there.

Even if you travel by public transport, you can use a route planner. This will show you where to take which bus, tram or train to arrive safely. In addition, waiting times at stops are shown. So while you are waiting, you can check out the route planner and see what the shops near your stop have to offer.