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Find a park near my location

As soon as the first rays of spring sunshine banish the cold of the last winter months, many people in towns and villages feel like going to a nearby park. You can enjoy all that fresh greenery on one of the many benches scattered around the park, but a park is not a real park without one or more lawns where you can relax. Walking through your neighbourhood park, you will see that these green lawns are quickly populated by groups of friends or families with children enjoying the nice weather. But what is allowed and what is not allowed in your nearest park?

Rules in the neighbourhood park

Every municipality has its own regulations and rules. As a result, the rules in parks and public gardens are not laid down nationally. It can therefore happen that you are allowed to use a barbecue in the park closest to your current location while this is totally forbidden in the neighbouring town. On the website of the place where you are, you will find not only the nearest parks but also the local laws that apply to these parks. For example, dog walking may be restricted or special rules may apply to cycling in the local park.

So first check the website of the municipality where you want to visit a park to make sure you are not breaking the rules. If you do think you might be breaking the rules, remember that most local parks are now monitored by video cameras.

Where is the nearest park to you?

Do you want to take a break after a heavy business meeting and are you looking for a park nearby where you can easily park your car? Or are you looking for a local park where you can take your young children for a walk and feed the ducks? Whatever your reason for going to the park, you can almost always use a route planner. This will show you the route you need to take on foot, by bike, by car and even by public transport to get there safely and without problems. It also shows facilities such as restaurants and parking spaces in and around the park of your choice. This way you don’t have to search for a long time for what you need and you can enjoy your time in the park in the neighbourhood even longer.

Nearby parks and events

In large cities, parks are often used to host concerts or events during the summer months. On such days, the park in your neighbourhood can be extremely crowded. It may even happen that the park is partially or completely closed. Take this into account when looking for a park in your area. If you don’t like the crowds, choose another park or throw yourself wholeheartedly into the festivities if you can use some cultural distraction.