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Find click and collect near my location

Do you like to order products online but does delivery pose a challenge because you know you won’t be home when the delivery arrives? You can then choose for click and collect and that is exactly what you will do with the products you need.

More and more companies and consumers are choosing this option. As a consumer, you can decide for yourself when you will pick up the products you ordered and companies save time and money on shipping. As a result, local click and collect is also an excellent solution for dealing with the climate in a more sustainable manner.

How does click and collect work in the neighbourhood?

Every provider with a website offers click and collect in its own way. Restaurants, for example, work differently to online shops when it comes to this, but in general click and collect can be divided into three steps.

As a customer, the first thing you do is choose the products you want to order via the app, online shop or website of your choice. While ordering and paying, it is important to choose the option to pick up your order, this is step 2. Once you have paid, you will receive a confirmation of your order and you can see where and when you can pick up the items you ordered. All you have to do now is add the visit to the pick-up address to your agenda.

Pick up your order at a click and collect near you

So once you know where your ordered goods are, you can head off to your nearest click and collect, but what is the quickest and easiest way to get there? If you have a busy schedule, you don’t want to waste time looking for the right address and parking space near your click and collect. A route planner can offer a solution. This planner not only shows you a safe route, but also facilities around your destination, up-to-date traffic information and journey times with public transport.

Do you travel a lot for your business and do you know a few days in advance where you will be visiting customers? By choosing the closest click and collect point to your appointments when shopping online, you make it extra easy to pick up your order.

More and more click and collect opportunities near you

Not so long ago, it was mainly clothing shops that offered you the option of picking up your order. Nowadays, even supermarkets offer click and collect near your location. At these so-called pick-up points, you can collect all your groceries without having to enter the shop. This is especially convenient for consumers who do not like crowds or do not have time to queue at the checkout.