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Find an ev charging point near my location

The new generation of electric cars have a longer range than their predecessors. However, like a traditional car, you will still need to consider when to ‘refuel’. There are fewer charging stations near your location than old-fashioned petrol stations, so some preparation for your journey is certainly advisable. Where is the nearest charging point, what does it cost to park there and how do you find a charging point nearby are serious questions you will want to answer before you leave. The following tips will help you get started safely.

What does it cost to park at a charge point nearby?

Not every charge point in your area is free to use. In big cities you may have to pay for the time you park at the charging station in question. So you pay just like parking a normal car at the parking meter or through a parking permit. More and more free electric vehicle charging points are appearing at large retail chains. If you park your electric car at these shops, you can charge your car for free. But do have the courtesy to move your car when it is charged. That way, other electric drivers can also use this charging station in the neighbourhood.

Using a charging station near your location

Being able to charge your electric vehicle at home does not mean that you will never need to use a public charging station near where you are at the moment. As soon as the battery starts to run out, you will need a charging point to get back home.

Many municipalities are aware of the need for electric car charging stations and are placing more and more charging points in their neighbourhoods where several cars can charge at the same time. Some of these stations are equipped with fast chargers so that you can continue your journey as quickly as possible. Some companies’ charging points installed in your area may require you to have a so-called charging card before you can use it, so keep this in mind when looking for a charging station.

How do you find a charge point or charging square nearby while on the move?

With a route planner, you can drive safely to your destination. Almost every electric car model now has such software that is easy to use. A good planner will show you all the facilities along the route you are driving, including nearby charging stations. So you make it easy on yourself and don’t have to deviate further than necessary from your route to charge your car en route.

And because you know whether the selected charging point charges your car quickly or normally, you know exactly how long it will take to get to your destination. Once you are near your destination, you can even use the route planner to find paid or free parking spaces.