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Find kebab near my location

Have you ever thought about how the kebab got its name? For many, this dish that marks the end of a night out with friends means nothing more than fried meat. Some experts say that the kebab near you comes from the Persian word Kebaba which means fried meat while others believe that it is a relic from the time when Ottoman warriors used their swords to roast meat over a campfire. For a kebab near your location, the local kebab shop will use lamb, chicken, turkey or a mix of them.

Where can you find the best kebab shop in the neighbourhood?

Tastes differ, but there’s no accounting for quality. Therefore, if you are looking for a kebab shop near you, make use of the reviews of other customers. If you take the time to read the opinions of others, you will find out exactly what they think of the prices and quality of the kebab shop where you can order kebabs. You can also check out the websites of the various restaurants to find out what else you can order in your area apart from kebabs. There are also websites where you can order kebab without having to leave the house. These sites also contain feedback from other customers.

Be sensible and choose the safest route

Are you ready for a kebab sandwich after a long day at work? Do you want to eat a kebab because you are on holiday with your family and don’t feel like cooking? Or are you coming out of a bar slightly drunk and way too late and want to end the evening with a kebab sandwich near your location?

It doesn’t matter what your reason is, the important thing is that you can get there safely. The best way to do this is to use a route planner. They are ideal for creating routes if you are travelling by car, but also if you are walking or cycling home. And if you have had too much to drink, the route planner can help you get home safely on public transport.

Is kebab the same as doner or shawarma?

The opinions on what exactly is what are still divided. Many people who are looking for a kebab in their neighbourhood actually mean a döner kebab which is the Turkish variant. This word means spinning and so döner kebab means spinning meat. By the way, in Turkey this dish is not eaten with garlic sauce but with rice and yoghurt.

And what is shawarma? Shawarma is the Arabic version of a kebab that you can find nowadays especially in the big cities. What you get when you order a kebab therefore depends entirely on the origin of the owners of the eatery where you are going to eat a kebab in your neighbourhood.