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Find a bank near my location

Are you looking for a bank in your neighbourhood because you want to deposit or withdraw cash? Nowadays, you don’t have to search for a long time in an area where you are not familiar with a bank in your neighbourhood. By making good use of an application such as a route planner, you can find out where you need to go pretty quickly.

Most modern route planners have all kinds of additional functions that not only allow you to see where your bank’s local branch is, but also to find other facilities such as parking spaces and other shops. Moreover, most planners are not only suitable to use when you travel by car but also when you walk, take public transport or cycle. So you will always be guided in the safest and shortest way to your nearest bank.

You are no longer dependent on a branch of your own bank in your neighbourhood

Most ATMs can be used by customers of various banks, making it easy to find the nearest ATM to your location to deposit or withdraw cash. Through your own bank’s website, you can find out where these ATMs are located, what service they provide and what their opening hours are. In this way, you can be sure that you will never be too early or too late to do your cash business at an ATM.

Some tips for the safe use of the cash machine at the bank in your neighbourhood

Make sure that no one sees what PIN code you enter when you withdraw or deposit money. In addition, look around you for any suspicious persons or situations, and if you don’t trust it, it is advisable to walk to the next bank in the neighbourhood to settle your affairs.

Has your bank card disappeared in the ATM? Then stay near the ATM and contact your bank immediately to block your card. Only when you have received confirmation that your card no longer works is it wise to walk away. When withdrawing money at the nearest bank to your location, asking for a receipt is also a good way of ensuring that the amount you withdraw is the amount you receive.

Additional services at your bank

Would you like to visit your bank’s local branch for specific questions or to settle certain matters in person? Check your bank’s website first to find out exactly where to go.

Many banking matters such as making applications can now be arranged online. The things you still want to arrange in a personal meeting can be well prepared this way by making sure you have the right documents with you at the time of the meeting at your local bank.