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Find a covid test centre near my location

It is important that if you think you have Covid that you get tested. In some cases, a self-test is sufficient, but to really know for sure whether you are carrying the virus, it is important to have an official Covid test done in your neighbourhood. Precisely because it is important to avoid infecting others, it is important that you get tested as close to home as possible. Where can you go and what measures should you take in order to test for Covid as safely as possible near your location?

The government and Covid testing in the neighbourhood

The rules for a Covid test in the neighbourhood are set by the national government and carried out by the local or municipal health services. Special testing sites have been set up where you can be tested if you have symptoms or a positive self-test. You can make an appointment for a Covid test in your neighbourhood via a special telephone number. Some centres also over walk-in service. Depending on how busy it is at the locations, you can often go in for testing on the same day or the day after.

Since you are probably already infected, it is wise to keep contact with others to a minimum during your trip to the nearby Covid test. You can do this, for example, by travelling in your own car. If the location where you are expected is close enough, you can also choose to walk, cycle or scooter. In that case, please observe the applicable safety measures in order not to contaminate others.

Do you have trouble finding a route to the Covid test nearby?

To ensure that you get to the location where you can have the Covid test carried out as quickly as possible, you can already prepare your journey or walk there at home. By using a route planner, for example, you can see all the information about how to get to the location the quickest and what the current traffic situation is. Nothing is more annoying than having to sit in your car longer than necessary when you are already suffering from the symptoms of the virus.

Today’s route planners can even show you a safe and quick route if you are travelling by bicycle, on foot or by public transport. However, it is not advisable to travel by public transport if you have complaints or symptoms.

Other ways to find a Covid test centre nearby

There are also several websites now active that show the various types of Covid testing throughout the country. If the national health situation calls for it, more stringent measures are needed to combat the virus. In that case, more and different types of Covid testing locations are opened near your location so that all tests can be carried out as quickly as possible. These websites provide you with an overview of the various options available at that time.