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Post office near me

Find a post box or post office near your location and plan your route with the Google Maps route planner.

Search and find the nearest post box or post office

Easily find a post box or post office nearby. Enter your location and get suggestions including distances and directions in Google Maps.


Find distance of locations from your current position.

On The Go

Use it on the go to look for interesting places.


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Post office or box near my location

For years the local post office has been the place to go to arrange everything to do with mail. In recent years the range of products and services offered by the post office near your location has expanded considerably.

What can you do at your local post office?

Of course you can go to your nearest post office if you need stamps for letters or cards. You can drop off the mail you want to send directly to national and international addresses. You can also go to your local post office if you want to transfer a car or other type of motor vehicle into your or someone else’s name.

Where are the post boxes in the neighbourhood?

If you want to send small cards or letters, you can of course put them in your local post box. The Royal Mail website shows you where all post offices and mailboxes can be found. The opening hours and services are stated for the offices, and for the post boxes it is clearly stated when each post box in the neighbourhood is emptied.

Taking this into account will ensure that the mail you send will arrive when it is needed. By the way, did you know that according to the law Braille mail for the visually impaired has to be delivered free of charge? If you want to send this type of mail or medical mail, it is best to do so at a post office near you.

With a route planner to the post box or post office nearby

It is not necessary to use the Royal Mail website; a route planner with extensive functions can also show you where to find these facilities. The great advantage of a route planner is that, in addition to the destination, you can also have the route to it described and enter several intermediate stops on your route. Moreover, this tool is not only suitable to use when you are travelling by car but also when you are walking, cycling or using public transport.

While waiting for your bus or tram, you can see directly on your planner whether there is a post office nearby with the right facilities. Other facilities along your route such as banks, government offices and pin locations are also shown so you can save time and effort by taking care of all your important business immediately.