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McDonald’s near my location

As a restaurant and fast-food chain, McDonald’s is now an indispensable part of our street scene. For many years, the large yellow M has adorned façades in city centres and towers high above exits along major roads. For many people, going to a McDonald’s in their neighbourhood is a fun and above all delicious outing.

Everyone knows the Cheeseburger, the Big Mac and the Milkshake from this chain, but fortunately consumers can now also go to McDonald’s for healthy products such as salads. The company regularly presents new and healthy products because it listens to the wishes and requirements of consumers. By the way, did you know that the range of products can differ from country to country?

McDonald’s in other countries

Are you a fan of McDonald’s dishes and do you go to a branch near you wherever you are? You will be surprised to find that at the nearest McDonald’s in France you can order a Croque McDo. This is the French McDonald’s version of a ham and cheese sandwich.

In the Netherlands, you order a McKroket, a deep-fried ragout slice with a crispy crust on a mustard bun. And in England, for example, you can order the Bacon Roll at a McDonald’s near you.

If you want to know how to find all these treats at your nearest branch, we recommend you check out the McDonald’s group’s website. There you will find all branches at home and abroad with addresses and opening hours.

To the McDonald’s nearby

If you are hungry again, finding the closest McDonald’s where you live should not be a problem. You have probably walked or driven by one before.

But if you are on holiday with the children at home or abroad, or if you have a craving for McNuggets or French Fries after a long day of meetings with an important client, you can easily find the nearest McDonald’s with the help of a route planner.

That way, you can drive there relaxed and safely, without having to search for a long time. Just think how pleasant that is with demanding children in the back seat. You can even find a McDonald’s drive thru so you don’t have to get out of the car to place the order.

Quickly to McDonald’s with help from the route planner

Children nagging in the back seat, shopping that still needs to be done or a customer waiting for a quotation or presentation. Our busy lives mean that we don’t have enough time. Therefore, it is wise to prepare the things you still need to do well.

By using a route planner to work out a route to all the places you need to go, you can combine a visit to the nearest McDonald’s with all those tasks. This way you can save time, enjoy your order at leisure and get on the road again to your next address without stress. This is possible with a good route planner, even if you are travelling by bicycle, on foot or by public transport.