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AA Route Planner UK

Use The AA’s route planner ( in the UK and Europe to reach your desired destination. Get directions from A to B and add extra stops if you like.

Plan the fastest or shortest route to your destination

Easily plan your route to a destination in the UK or Europe. Enter a location and destination, plan your route and avoid motorways and traffic jams along the way with Google Maps or The AA Route Planner.


Real-time traffic info: incidents, road works and congestion.

On The Go

Use it on the go to look for interesting places.


Plan your route to destinations all over Europe.

The AA’s Route Finder uses Google Maps to help you find ATMs, bars, petrol stations, hospitals, hotels, taxis, restaurants or just about anything in your neighbourhood. But you can also try The AA Route Planner.

Save important places or routes? Create and share your own maps including photos and driving routes with the free service Google My Maps.



The AA Route Finder & Journey Planner

Use the AA route planner to find the quickest and safest routes to your destinations. This route planner makes it easy for you to put together a route with multiple destinations and stopovers. The company’s planner is suitable for routes in the UK as well as in other European countries, so it is ideal for daily use as well as during your holiday.

aa route planner

Does the AA route planner only work for cars?

Yes, unfortunately the AA route planner only plans the route for cars. This is the only downside of this route planner compared to other services like the Google Maps route planner. If you are walking, or want to use a bicycle or public transport we recommend to look into other route planners that can help you with directions for this way of going from A to B.

The AA route planner for business use

If you travel a lot for your work and visit many customers or suppliers every day, the AA route planner can help you. If you calculate a route at the beginning of the day you will be shown the most logical and fastest route. Are you called en route by a customer who urgently wants you to drop by? That is no problem for this planner either, you just add his address to the existing route. And are you hungry on the way or do you want to meet a customer in a restaurant? You can easily find them in the app and then simply add them to the route.

Additional features of the AA route planner

The AA route planner gets you from A to B as quickly as possible. But that’s not the only feature of this app. This route planner also gives you live traffic news in the UK with updates on incidents, roadworks, congestions and road closures. This way you’ll always know what you’re driving into along the way.

In addition to traffic news, the AA route planner UK provides extra information about facilities on the road. If you want to stay in a hotel or B&B along the way, it’s easy to find one. If you are hungry, the app will point you to the nearest restaurants and even parking is taken into account: the AA app also offers you an overview of the car parks nearby.