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Petrol station near my location

If you are on the road a lot with your car because you have to visit customers, you will need to fill up regularly. Because at such times you will probably be in a city or area where you are not familiar with, it is good that you can easily find a petrol station near you.

This applies not only to business travel but also when you are on a day trip or on holiday with your family or partner. Of course, there are large petrol stations along the motorways where you can fill up, but if you are not near a national road, you will have to find an alternative. Nowadays, this can be done very easily via the Internet or with a good route planner.

What types of fuel stations are nearby?

The petrol stations along the motorways are owned by well-known oil companies and have become true service points in recent years. At such a large petrol station nearby, you can now often also do your shopping, buy small spare parts for your car and order coffee, tea or other hot drinks.

Small, often unmanned gas stations are generally found on the outskirts of larger cities. The advantage of an unmanned filling station nearby? Because the owner does not have to spend money on personnel, the fuel you fill up there is often cheaper than at the filling stations along the motorway.

How do you find a petrol station nearby?

Of course, you can easily search for a fuel station near your location via the Internet. The websites of the various stations list opening times, addresses, additional facilities and, of course, fuel prices.

This allows you to start preparing your journey, whether you are travelling for business or personal reasons. Some petrol stations even offer the possibility of calculating the route on their website with the help of a route planner. Such a planner is a very easy tool to find a fuel station nearby.

The advantages of a route planner

With a good route planner, you can do so much more than just calculating a route from A to B. It is often possible to get directions with multiple stops and gas stations nearby. You are often offered the possibility of requesting directions with multiple stops and petrol stations nearby and you are also shown the other facilities available along your route. For example, parking spaces, toll roads and current traffic information are shown.

That way, you can save yourself a lot of time when you have to visit several customers in one day, do some shopping on the way, or stop at a pet shop to pick up food for your pets. And apart from showing you the way to the petrol station near your location, the route planner can also be used when you are travelling by public transport or by bike during your weekend trip or holiday. By making smart use of this tool you will save yourself a lot of time.