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Find a service station near my location

In recent decades, the traditional roadside service station has developed into a meeting place where a quick bite to eat is no longer the most important thing. Until a few years ago, the nearest roadside service station was known as the place to be for truckers in particular. This is only logical, since they are mainly located at petrol stations and motorway exits and slip roads.

What does a modern roadside service station have to offer?

Many roadside restaurants are now part of large chains with well-known names. As a result, these roadside restaurants have become popular catering establishments that often even offer business solutions. Apart from the aforementioned truck drivers, other business drivers come here to take a break between their customer visits or to meet up with customers right there.

A number of roadside service stations offer meeting rooms where trainings and meetings can be organised. Free Wi-Fi networks also make it possible to prepare presentations or answer e-mails. You can also relax at a rest stop near your location. Most rest stops have several screens and televisions to broadcast sporting events such as important football matches and races. This way, you can still enjoy the progress of your favourite team or sportsman while on the road.

Is it easy to choose a good roadside service station nearby?

Many of the roadside restaurants show with signs at which exit or petrol station they are situated. But does that roadside service station offer you what you need? Perhaps it is wise to choose a service station a little further away because that is where the big meeting room is available or that important match can be seen.

Using your route planner, you can see where the nearest service station along your route is located and what it has to offer. You can easily change a route you have already created and send the location of the nearest service station to the people you are meeting up with.

Get advice from other customers

Of course, other customers’ reviews of a service station near your location are an important tool in making the right choice. Customers who have already eaten there or used the facilities can tell you all about it. But where do you find these people you obviously don’t know personally? You don’t have to search long because you can read their reviews on dedicated sites. These so-called review sites allow you to compare the different service stations in your area.

The customers who have left their reviews give their opinion about the prices and the quality of the menus offered and the friendliness of the restaurant staff, among other things. They also share their experience about any other facilities such as the aforementioned meeting rooms available for rent at service stations. Sharing reviews is a modern way of word-of-mouth advertising for customers that you can make use of very conveniently.