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ATM near my location

Despite the fact that payments at shop cash registers in the United Kingdom are increasingly made electronically, cash money has not yet disappeared from the street scene. There are people who withdraw a large amount of cash once a week or month because they prefer to pay in cash.

There are also large groups of consumers who like to pay electronically and only go to a nearby cash point to get money in case of an emergency. If you belong to the last group, it is wise to make sure you always have some cash on you. This way, you avoid unpleasant situations when you can only pay with your bank card when there is a malfunction.

How to find a cash point nearby?

If you are looking for an ATM near your location in your own country, you can often just use your bank’s website. Most banks offer a location guide where you can find the available cash machines with address and opening hours.

Many ATMs in Europe nowadays allow you to do more than just withdraw money. Among other things, you can also deposit money there. Should you wish to use this service, please check which of your bank’s ATMs offer this service. Pay particular attention to any closing times so that you are not too late in the evening with your daily earnings or other income on the way to a cash machine nearby.

Other tools to find a cash machine nearby

In addition to your bank’s location planner, you can now also use a route planner. This tool can now do much more than just show you a route from one place to another. Not only can you find the nearest cash dispenser in your neighbourhood, you can also see nearby parking facilities.

Moreover, you can use a route planner even if you are walking or travelling by public transport. That way you can make use of your transfer time to quickly get money at an ATM.

What to look out for at an ATM in your neighbourhood?

To safely withdraw or deposit money at a cashpoint near you, there are a number of things you can do. As soon as you arrive at the cash machine in question, take a good look at the situation. Do you see suspicious persons or is the ATM not well lit at night? For your own safety, go to another cash point. Is it your turn? Make sure no one is standing too close so you can enter your PIN safely.

Is your card not returned by the machine while you are withdrawing it? Then call your bank immediately and have your card blocked. During that call, stay near the ATM until you are sure that your bank card has been blocked.